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Club of the Oriental Culture «Two Empires»
Russia, Moscow, Orlikov per., build 5, structure 1
+7 (903) 774-67-01

«Two Empires» club

«Two Empires club» — the unique leisure and educational center of Moscow.

In Two Empires Club you can master traditional Chinese painting, the Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, touch traditional Chinese and Japanese music, take pleasure in beauty and aroma of the Chinese tea ceremony.

For participation in lessons, courses and master classes it isn’t required art and music education: skilled teachers of «Two empires» developed the methods, allowing to comprehend difficult arts to people of any age and without special preparation.

«Two empires» — the only club in Moscow in which evenings and the meetings combining painting, a calligraphy, music, a tea ceremony, conversation in the warm informal atmosphere are regularly spent.

In our Club you can:

— learn Chinese and Japanese painting and Calligraphy;

— learn Chinese and Japanese language;

— have classes of Chinese and Japanese traditional musical instruments;

— have classes and evenings of Chinese tea ceremony;

— listen traditional music of different musical cultures of all over the world.

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